All Season Bali Shelter (Ivory)


The Bali Backyard Shelter is a great way to extend your backyard entertainment area from just a deck to multiple locations adding functionality and decor.

It comes in both a 4-Season Vinyl model and a Summer Only Acrylic Model. Sizes range from 10' x 10' to 12' x 12' (see below)

Both models come in a variety of color combinations and wall screen types. The Ivory Bali unit has a choice of trim color (beige, green, or burgundy). The color of the cover is Egg Shell, including the vertical beige acrylic valences.

The 4-Season Vinyl Models are truly durable enough to withstand winter condition. The covers are made of 22 ounce vinyl which can resist snow, rain and wind. Anchor systems are available as well.

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All Bali Shelters Include Anchor Kits - A $175.00 Value!

 8-Model No.  Dimensions  Price (vinyl structure color)  Shipping
    Model BALII-1010  10' x 10' x 9' 1.5"  $4,184  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALII-1012  10' x 12' x 9' 5"  $4,575  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALII-1013  10' x 13' x 9' 10"  $4,695  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALII-1014  10' x 14' x 9' 10"  $5,075  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALII-1212  12' x 12' x 9' 9"  $5,213  FREE SHIPPING!

       Trim available in these colors:

Bali Ivory 10'x10' $4,184 
Model BALII-1010


Bali Ivory 10'x12' $4,575
Model BALII-1012


Bali Ivory 10'x13' $4,695
Model BALII-1013


Bali Ivory 10'x14' $5,075
Model BALII-1014


Bali Ivory 12'x12' $5,213
Model BALII-1212


Optional Drapes - The 4-Season Bali-Ivory has optional drapes to fully enclose the shelter. Choose between Mesh (for intimacy), Mosquito Screen (for mosquitoes), Clearview (for weathering) or Solid Beige Drapes (for privacy). Please call Customer Service to order these drapes at 800-987-4337

 Width Mesh  Mosquito Clearview Beige Drapes
 10 feet $331.00 $310.00 $270.00 $335.00
 11 feet $360.00 $330.00 $295.00 $365.00
 12 feet $397.00 $339.00 $305.00 $399.00
 13 feet $428.00 $369.00 $325.00 $430.00
 14 feet $463.00 $395.00 $380.00 $465.00

 Bali Summer Only Shelter (Comes in White or Beige Frames)

The Bali Summer Shelter is a wonderful summer addition to your backyard for entertaining or relaxing in the shade. It has an acrylic cover (roof) that comes in a variety of striped or solid colors (see below). The aluminum structure comes in either white or beige.

Sizes range from 10' x 10 to 12' x 12'. They comes with short drapes (23" x 78") to cover all poles.

As with all our gazebos and outdoor shelters, free shipping is included. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If you would like a custom shelter, please call Customer Service for a quote.

For 4-season use, see the Bali - Ivory above.

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 Bali Summer White  Dimensions  Price    Shipping
    Model BALIW-1010  10' x 10' x 9' 3"  $2,999  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIW-1012  10' x 12' x 9'  $3,575  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIW-1014  10' x 14' x 9' 3"  $4,138  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIW-1212  12' x 12' x 9' 9"  $4,250  FREE SHIPPING!


 Bali Summer Beige  Dimensions  Price    Shipping
    Model BALIB-1010  10' x 10' x 9' 3"  $3,231  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIB-1012  10' x 12' x 9'   $3,838  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIB-1014  10' x 14' x 9' 3"  $4,450  FREE SHIPPING!
    Model BALIB-1212  12' x 12' x 9' 9"  $4,569  FREE SHIPPING!


Bali Summer 10'x10' $2,999 (White)
Model BALIW-1010


Bali Summer 10'x12' $3,575 (White)
Model BALIW-1012


Bali Summer 10'x14' $4,138 (White)
Model BALIW-1014


Bali Summer 12'x12' $4,250 (White)
Model BALIW-1212


Bali Summer 10'x10' $3,231 (Beige)
Model BALIB-1010


Bali Summer 10'x12' $3,838 (Beige)
Model BALIB-1012


Bali Summer 10'x14' $4,450 (Beige)
Model BALIB-1014


Bali Summer 12'x12' $4,569 (Beige)
Model BALIB-1212