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Although your pergola is stable and strong without installing a bracket, installation of the brackets will firm up the structure and lessen the amount of sway that may occur with high winds. If you already have an existing slab, we recommend using the Post Mount Brackets Existing Slab with rebar post.

Post Mount Brackets Existing Slab tools and material you will need:

  • Drill with Masonry Bit (3/4 in. diameter)
  • Wrench
  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Exterior Epoxy Glue (found at most hardware stores)


  • The first step is to line up your posts with the post mount brackets so you can drill the proper holes.
  • Drill the hole in your existing slab with a masonry bit then use the post location footprint for the exact location.
  • Apply an exterior epoxy glue to the hole and bracket post.
  • Insert the bracket into your drilled hole.
  • Then align the bracket correctly before the epoxy cures.

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